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"I then beheld a most agreeable spectacle, the object of my sanguine wishes..." Jeremiah Horrocks
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VT-2004 feeds

Images and live feeds from around Europe under the auspices of the VT-2004 project.

Images from Ground-based Observers




Czech Republic



  • - Cairo








New Zealand





  • - Bucharest



Sri Lanka



United Kingdom


Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)

Images from Space Observatories



TV programmes by satellite

Robyn Higdon (Exploratorium, San Francisco, USA) writes: "We will be webcasting 1st/2nd contact and 3/4th contact live on the web (see above under Greece).

People in Western Europe can view it via satellite at 5:00 UT (for 45 minutes) and at 11:00 UT (for about 45 minutes)."

Channel 1 is designated "image only", while Channel 2 is a program with
scientists and astronomers giving commentary.

For UK and other Euro locations:
Channel 1:
AB1 transponder D7/F7 channel G (6.1113 & 3/4)
UL 14241.25 Y/ DL X US 11691.25 EUR 12741.25

Channel 2:
AB1 XP D7/F7 F (6.1113 & 3/4)
UL 14232.25 Y/ DL X US 11682.25 EUR  12732.25


Bob Bruninga (Satellite Lab, US Naval Academy) writes: "This will be the first Venus Transit in history since Marconi discovered Radio and the first time ever that real-time observations can be exchanged via that medium (compared to sailing ship!). We plan on organizing HAM radio operators around the world to communicate live via amateur radio on their observations of the Venus Transit. We have a web page:

If you are aware of any other such on-the-air communications events, please let us know, or tell others about us. Since this is the FIRST transit in all of history since Marconi discovered radio, it will be the FIRST time that distant obwservations can be shared in real time. We plan on emphasizing this instant communications via radio as our niche in this historic event."

Leo Andrews (Channel 27) writes: "Next Tuesday from 0700-0900 GMT, Channel 27 - a high-quality web based radio station will be broadcasting coverage of the Venus Transit. The show will feature commentary and discussion, together with packaged features about the Venus Transit. The show is very much live and will be broadcast from a custom Outside Broadcast facility in London, UK. It's set to be a remarkable spectacle so we hope you and your visitors will be able to listen in whilst the transit is happening. For more information, visit:

and on the day, the link to the live stream (which is free to access) will be posted."

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