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" have seen even a part of a transit of Venus is an event to remember for a lifetime..." Robert Ball
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  • Jeremiah Horrocks Memorial Lecture series
    Friday 5th March, 6.30pm, Harrington Lecture Theatre

    "Jeremiah Horrocks and the North West Astronomers" Professor Allan Chapman

    Allan Chapman is a professional historian of science with particular research interests are in scientific biography and astronomy. Allan has written a number of authoritative books on the history of astronomy and is known popularly for his regular articles in Astronomy Now. He has also made a number of TV appearances on Open University programmes and The Sky at Night. Last year he appeared in a three-part documentary series on Channel 4 entitled "Gods in the Sky", which explored early religious beliefs and the relationship to astronomical thinking. Currently he is presenting a well received programme on Channel Five entitled "Great Scientists" where he outlines the lives of Aristotle, Darwin, Einstein, Galileo and Newton. He is the world expert on Jeremiah Horrocks and through this lecture, Allan will provide an insight into this exceptional scientist and how Horrocks can be truly called the father of British astronomy.

    Tickets are free of charge. Please contact on for further information.

  • Jeremiah Horrocks Memorial Lecture series
    Wednesday 28th January, 7.30pm, Harrington Lecture Theatre

    "The Sun: A new encounter with our closest star" Dr Robert W. Walsh

    Our Sun may appear tranquil and constant but is it in fact a seething
    ball of million degree, electrifited gas. With the very latest space-based
    solar observations, this lecture will show how the Sun's strong
    magnetic field creates a wealth of exotic solar phenomena ranging from
    high-rise magnetic arches to twisting and turning solar eruptions.
    We will investigate our Sun's recent violent nature as
    we run for cover from erupting solar storms and try to predict the
    effect of space weather upon Planet Earth.

    Tickets are free of charge. Please contact on for further information.

Previous National News


  • RAS Venus newspaper competition for schools

    The Royal Astronomical Society are inviting school pupils to create a newspaper or write a feature article to mark the very special event that is the Transit of Venus.

    The Newspaper Competition is open to pupils in the age ranges 7-11 and 11-14 years.

    The Feature Article Competition is open to pupils in the age ranges 14-16 and 16-19 years.

    Groups or committed individuals may enter, but based on past experience, it is recommended that the Newspaper Competition be undertaken by groups of pupils. They cannot accept more than two entries per class. See the RAS competition webpage for more information.


  • UCLan at Astrofest

    The University of Central Lancashire will be at European Astrofest 2004, Kensington Town Hall, London on the 6th and 7th February 2004. Come along and see us, our portfolio of courses and our plans for the 2004 Transit of Venus! UCLan's own Professor Don Kurtz will be speaking about oscillating stars during the Astrofest conference sessions on Saturday.

Previous International News
  • Royal Society of New Zealand announces competition winners

    Three schools have been selected from 72 entries to go on the 2004 Transit of Venus Expedition to the UK, leaving New Zealand on 28 May. Dame Anne Salmond (University of Auckland) and co-judges from the principal sponsor, Freemasons New Zealand (Dr Alex Davidson and Mr Noel Ryan), and the British High Commission (High Commissioner Richard Fell and first secretary Paul Noon) chose the following teams from ten finalists put forward by a preliminary judging panel:

    Nelson College, Nelson City

    Pakuranga College, Bucklands Beach, Auckland

    Tolaga Bay Area School, Tolaga Bay

    Teams from these schools will be coming to the UK for the Transit of Venus, and one will be the guests of the IAU Colloquim 196 in Preston. See for details.


  • Royal Society of New Zealand sending Expedition to the UK

    Several teams of school children will be visiting the UK to coincide with the Transit of Venus. Captain Cook discovered these Pacific Islands following his successful expedition to Tahiti to observe the 1769 Transit of Venus. The teams will visit a number of places of current and historic interest, and one will be at Carr House on the day of the event in June. Visit the Transit of Venus: Voyages in time and space website for more information.







Allan Chapman visits the UCLan stand at Astrofest

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RSNZ transit of venus expedition

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