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Speakersí instructions

We will have a data projector and an overhead projector available. There will be a speaker preparation room where those with PPT presentations may load them onto a computer identical to the one in the conference hall to test them. It is strongly recommended that you do this, then copy your presentation onto the main computer (running XP and PPT) in the conference hall prior to the start of your session.

For those of you who must use your own laptop computers, please test them thoroughly before your session with our projector in the conference hall.

NB: All setup time comes out of the time for YOUR talk. There is no slack in the schedule. If you have computer problems and it takes you 10 minutes to fix them, then you must shorten your talk by 10 minutes. Please make sure this does not happen to you, either by using our computer, or by thoroughly testing yours with our projector prior to the start of your session. The conference hall will be open and technical support will be available from 08:00 each morning.



Posters boards are approx. 90 x 120 cm



The new Publisher for IAU publications as of 2004 is Cambridge University Press (CUP). All publications (Proceedings of IAU Symposia, Colloquia, Highlights and Transactions) will become available both in print and on-line. The IAU contract with CUP stipulates that Proceedings of IAU Symposia and Colloquia should appear within six months after the conference. Since the publisher needs three months to make the final product, the three months right after the conference are the period in which the editors have to do their job. This requires that speakers bring their manuscripts to the conference and submit them on CD or diskette, or by email before the conference. Authors are allowed an additional four weeks after the conference to re-submit any revised manuscripts, if desired. The intention for this is only to include changes that result from interactions at the conference itself.

To prepare your contribution in LaTeX format, please download the following files which have been prepared by the IAU Publisher, and are necessary for preparation of your contribution.

sample.tex fig01.eps
iauc.cls fig02.eps
upmath.sty amssymb.sty
amsgen.sty amsfonts.sty

Alternatively you can download them as a winzip or gzip tar file.

Please use the sample.tex file. You may use other graphics packages, if you wish, but you will make the editorsí job much easier if you will stick to the two in the sample.tex file - namely, epsf and graphics.

Please NB:

  • Do not change font sizes.
  • Proofread your paper before submitting it.
  • Check your references.
  • Check that you do not have any figures or tables that are over the boundary.
  • Make sure that your figure labels are readable after reduction. Check the ps file for this after running latex. Many figures have to be redrawn because of this problem with delays for both author and editor.
  • Do not be too clever with your latex. Remember that tables and figures may have to be shifted to other positions in the editing process. Keep your latex relatively simple and flexible. For example, avoid use of minipage or extensive use of mbox. Do not use plotfiddle unless absolutely necessary. It is better to redraw the figure than to patch problems with plotfiddle (which can result in boundary violations).
The above are common problems for conference proceedings papers.

Page limits:

  • Keynote talks and conference review: 20 pages (Myles Standish, Allan Chapman and Richard Strom)
  • Invited talks: 16 pages (30-minute talks)
  • Contributed talks: 12 pages (20-minute talks)
  • Posters and poster/talks: 8 pages (posters and 15-minute talks)
  • The times include setup time (for PPT, for example) and question time.
The page limits are generous for conference proceedings. This is because CUP, the new IAU publishers allows 600 pages for a volume. Nevertheless, the editors are depending on some authors not to use the full allotment to leave room for extensive discussion, which will be recorded and transcribed. Please do not exceed your page limit, use all of it if you wish, but feel free to submit a shorter paper, if that is appropriate for you.


printable versions: pdf, ps

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