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" have seen even a part of a transit of Venus is an event to remember for a lifetime..." Robert Ball
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Local News
  • Pakuranga College, NZ to view transit from Carr House UK
    Winners of the Royal Society of New Zealand transit expedition from Pakuranga College will be observing the Transit of Venus from the University's Alston Observatory and Carr House. We are looking forward to hosting the winners in Preston!
  • Jeremiah Horrocks Memorial Lecture series
    Wednesday 9th May, 7.30pm, Harrington Lecture Theatre

    "The Milky Way in 3D" Dr Michael Perryman, European Space Agency

    Tickets are free of charge. Please contact on for further information.

National News
  • Stardate on BBC 1 and 2

    On the day of the transit the BBC will be broadcasting a series of Stardate programmes covering the event, including coverage from Carr House. Programmes are:



International News
  • Life on...Venus!

    There could be life on the planet Venus, US scientists have concluded. Microbes could survive floating in the thick, cloudy atmosphere, protected by a sunscreen of sulphur compounds. See the BBC News story.

  • The Moon and four planets in the evening sky

    During the coming evenings, everybody under clear skies will be able to enjoy a beautiful view in the twilight. Right after sunset, planet Venus is visible as a brilliant point of light above the western horizon - and two other planets, Mars and Saturn, are seen to the left of Venus as somewhat less bright objects. More to the south and higher in the sky, planet Jupiter is also prominent. See the vt-2004 website for further information on this, including an observing chart, and the progress of the project.




RSNZ transit of venus expedition

Expedition competition

Michael Perryman
Memorial lecture



Channel 27

Venus Transit programme

BBC Radio 4 on 92-95 FM & 198 LW

Venus across the Sun









Alston Hall
History conference

The disc of Venus shrouded in a thick atmosphere

Life on Venus

Star chart

The Moon and four planets